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Welcome to the Photography Department at Hills Road!

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The Summer Project provides an excellent opportunity to explore the diverse visual world around you and serves as a springboard for ‘Project 1’ which we will begin in the Autumn Term. We would like you to focus upon one of three themes outlined below; please download the Photography worksheet at the bottom of this page for further details and guidance.

The project should ideally be contained within a PowerPoint presentation or digital equivalent. Please carefully read through the tasks, they are designed to help you create the beginning of a personal and meaningful photographic journey which we hope you will enjoy!

Please choose ONE of the following themes and follow the task outlined in the downloadable worksheet at the bottom of this page. 

 You will need to pick one of the following themes: 




Task 1: Develop your theme by gathering research on other artists and creating a spider diagram (or equivalent) of possible ideas. Pinterest, Behance and Getty Images are all useful starting places for good-quality photographic research. Select and present inspiring images that are related to your idea and make notes on the following: 

  • Who is the artist, and where did you find the work? 
  • Why did you choose the image? What do you like about it? 
  • How might it influence/inform your own photography? 

Task 2: Explore different photographic techniques to help improve your picture-taking. Think about composition, framing, angle, and lighting, for example. Part of your research should focus on techniques. 

Task 3: Record your ideas and observations while keeping your project idea firmly in mind. Aim to take at least twenty photographs and present six final photographs. You might want to ask someone to help you choose your best images. 

Task 4: Present your project in order of events; your ideas, research, analysis of research (why did you choose this image, what do you like about it and what could you learn from it), your own images and any editing that you do and including evaluation and make notes (a paragraph at most) about your pictures: 

  • Did they turn out how you expected? 
  • What do you like/dislike about them? 
  • How could you develop the ideas you explored further? (This is especially important as your first coursework project will be a continuation of your summer work). 

All this information is available in the Photography summer worksheet within the download section below, so please make sure you look at it! 

Digital resources

​Below is a selection of digital resources that will help you to get prepared and ready to study A level ​Photography. Click on the ​links to access the resources.

Recommended course book

No textbook required at this point.

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