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Geology summer work


Geology is a precise subject that requires logical thought processes.

The work

The summer work exercise below is designed to help you to practice and develop your skills in:

  • Understanding and using key definitions
  • Organising and sequencing ideas correctly

1. What is going on in Geology? – Have a listen to ‘Rock the Mic’ to find out current ideas, research and trends in Geology (climate change link below).

Now watch and make notes on the video ‘Power of the Planet’ (link below).

Read the GeoActive Online (link below).

Complete the table of definitions (link below) using the link to the Geology dictionary to help you.

Access or download the Popplet app (link below) which is a program that enables you to easily create your own flow diagrams.

Construct your own rock cycle diagram – you can use GeoActive Online Fig 5 to help you on p3. Include the following:

  • Three major rock types and a picture of a rock of each type.
  • Processes which link the rock types and add some detail of what happens in the process e.g. burial – young sediments bury older ones.
  • Tectonic process and relevant process of how this brings rocks to the earth’s surface.

7. Finally, you will find many interesting blogs on the USGS Corefacts site (link below): choose a topic and create a ‘newspaper style’ article (poster display) about its topic (include headlines and photographs), you may be asked to briefly discuss your findings in your first lesson.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title

No requirement to purchase own text book. We have hard copies in the department for use in class however students may wish to purchase their own copy as it is not available as an eBook. Course text book is: OCR GEOLOGY FOR A LEVEL & AS (2017) | DAVIES, MUGGLESTONE, RICHARDS & SHELTON.



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