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Extended Project summer work


The Extended Project (EP) Level 3 is a compulsory part of your curriculum at Hills Road. It is designed to allow you to work independently and will complement the academic skills you will develop as part of your more traditional A level subject studies.

The goals of the EP course are for you to develop employable and transferrable skills such as time management, research and communication, while at the same time developing a project of your choice. The project is grounded in research, and this will be an important part of the process. The topic and outcomes that are possible are very wide and could include creating artwork, writing a novel, or researching and writing a dissertation. Have a look at some of the PDF documents below to see what students have done in previous years.

The work

You will gain the most out of the program if you avoid skills that you may already have, for example, a student who plans to study essay-based subjects and chooses to write a dissertation will score lower than a student who does not study essay-based subjects. It would be useful to think of an idea that relates to outside interests or hobbies and avoid potential conflicts with material covered in your A levels. It is not necessary to work out how you will present your outcome now, only to narrow down an area of interest. The focus of your project may change with time, but you will record this as you go along.

Over the summer you can get started by completing the Personal Audit below. The more detail you can add in here, the easier it will be when classes start.

Compulsory work should take 1-2 hours. 

  1. Watch the video explaining what the EPQ is and what the benefits of it are.
  2. Complete the personal audit exploring your interests.
  3. Look at the examples of successful EPQ projects from previous students.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

No reading is currently required.

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