Economics summer work
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Economics summer work


The purpose of the summer work in Economics is to introduce you to the subject as most of you will not have had a chance to study this before.

The work

This summer work includes both micro and macroeconomics. Research and the ability to handle data is an important aspect of Economics so there is a research task included which asks you to interpret some data sets.

This compulsory work should take 4-5 hours to complete

You should download the worksheet and use the video resources to complete all sections. Each video resource pertains to a specific section, so the first video relates to the microeconomics section of the worksheet and should be used to complete exercises 1 through 5. The second video link relates to the macroeconomic section of the worksheet and should be used to help with the research task and questions that follow on the worksheet.

Please bring the completed worksheet to your first lessons and have your presentation ready to view.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title

Economics A, 4th Edition, By Peter Smith from Hodder Education.No textbook needs to be bought at this point. Students will receive access to an on-line version of the textbook for the duration of the course. They may wish to purchase their own copy at some point, but this is not a requirement.



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