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Geography summer work


Spending some time over the summer developing as a Geographer (through general reading, listening to podcasts and watching videos) as well as completing the summer work pack will mean that you are very well prepared for A level studies in Geography.

The work

The summer work pack will help you to consolidate some knowledge from GCSE and to prepare yourself for A level. All of the core set work relates to modules which you will study in Term 1 of Year 12 – ‘Earth’s life support systems’ and ‘Changing spaces, making places’.

You will also be asked to prepare your equipment that will be required for Geography lessons.

There are some resources listed below that relate to the content you will study later in Year 12/13 – these are optional but hopefully enjoyable!

Section A: Earth’s life support systems – Complete the activities in the ELSS work pack in order to prepare for this unit of work. In your first week there will be a short assessment on your knowledge of the key terms, concepts and processes learned about in this homework, so be sure to complete the work fully. (Expected time to complete: 3 hours)

Section B: Changing spaces, making places – Use the guidance in the work pack to research your local area so that you can write a short essay relating to some of the key concepts that you will learn about in this unit. (Expected time to complete: 3 hours)

Section C: Prepare yourself with the correct equipment for Geography, which are listed in the work pack.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title

OCR A LEVEL GEOGRAPHY (2021) [THIRD EDITION] | BARKER, BROADBENT, HARRIS, PALMER, RAW, STIFF & YATES. There is no requirement for students to purchase this - we have hard copies in the department and library, as well as a free eBook available through the College Library website.



Digital version

Yes through library

Book title

MY REVISION NOTES - OCR A-LEVEL GEOGRAPHY (SECOND EDITION) 2022 - HODDER EDUCATION. It is highly recommended that students purchase this but not compulsory. We will provide an opportunity for students to purchase this through the department early in Year 12 which may include a discounted rate.



Digital version


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