Geography summer work
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Geography summer work


Spending some time over the summer developing as a Geographer (through general reading, listening to podcasts and watching videos) as well as completing the summer worksheet will mean that you are very well prepared for A level studies in Geography.

The work

The summer worksheet will help you to consolidate some knowledge from GCSE and to prepare yourself for A level. All of the core set work relates to modules which you will study in the autumn term – Coastal Landscapes as well as Changing Places.

There are some resources listed below that relate to the content you will study later in Year 12/13 – these are optional but hopefully enjoyable!

  • Coastal landscapes preparation – Review the material from the British Geographer website and apply knowledge to the resources.
  • Changing Places preparation – Carry out an investigation into your local area. What is the identity of your local place? What changes has your local place experienced recently, and what challenges might these changes bring? How are different players involved in shaping your local place – from local community groups to local government?

Full details and support can be found in the worksheet within the downloads below.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title

No requirement to purchase own text book. We have hard copies in the department and library, as well as a free eBook. Course text book is: OCR A LEVEL GEOGRAPHY (2021) [THIRD EDITION] | BARKER, BROADBENT, HARRIS, PALMER, RAW, STIFF & YATES



Digital version

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