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Further Maths summer work


Welcome to Further Maths! We’re looking forward to meeting you in September. In addition to your algebra skills, a key component of being successful in Further Maths is the ability to problem solve and apply what you know in unfamiliar contexts.

The work

You can expect to spend twice as long doing Maths outside of lessons each week than you would if just taking Maths. It’s for these reasons that we ask you to do a little extra preparation over the summer before starting the course.

This compulsory work should take 4-5 hours.

In addition to the summer work for Maths, we’d also like you to complete the questions from the Further Maths worksheet which you can download below. Write up your solutions (showing all necessary working) on separate lined paper.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

No textbook is required at this point.

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