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Chemistry summer work


We are delighted that you are planning to study A Level Chemistry at Hills Road.

The work

During your two years with us, we hope that you will enjoy developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the materials that make up the world around you, and further hone your practical skills, leading to a valuable qualification to take you to the next stage of life, be it further education or employment. 

By the time you start your Chemistry lessons with us, it would be nearly three months since you took your GCSE exams and your Chemistry may be getting a little rusty. The “Study Pack 0a_Chemistry summer work” and “Study Pack 0b_Chemistry summer work” resources found in this folder consists of a set of notes and exercises aimed at refreshing your memory of some key chemical and mathematical ideas that you have studied at GCSE onto which we will build at A Level.

These resources are also designed to give you a foretaste of the study packs used by the Chemistry Department at Hills Road to support you with your A Level course.

To complete the summer work, please download these key documents below, and follow the instructions in the first document. Keep scrolling to access the downloads at the bottom of this page.

1 Chemistry summer workbook instructions – READ ME FIRST

2 Study pack 0

3 Study pack 0 ANSWERS

4 Periodic Table

We have linked some digital and video resources below that you might find helpful when completing the summer work.

Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title




Digital version



Students will receive free access to an on-line version of the textbook for the duration of the course and will have access to hard copies in lessons. Students may wish to purchase a copy for home use, but this is not essential.

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