Business summer work
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Business summer work


The purpose of the summer work is to prepare students who have not studied Business at GCSE and ensure students who have studied the subject at GCSE learn something new and develop their understanding.

The work

Compulsory (4-5 hours)

Compulsory work should not exceed 5 hours

Year 12 summer worksheet

Please work your way through the worksheet and complete the tasks as you are asked to do.

If you would like to view some other topics that we will cover in the course, please watch from the Ted Talk below.

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Digital resources

Please refer to these digital resources as part of your Summer Work preparation.

Recommended course book

Book title

No textbook needs to be bought at this point. Students will receive access to an on-line version of the textbook for the duration of the course. They may wish to purchase their own copy at some point, but this is not a requirement.



Digital version


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