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Mathematics summer work


Welcome to Maths! We’re looking forward to meeting you in September.

The work

To be successful in A Level Maths, it is important to be proficient at algebra. It is therefore vital that you practice your algebra skills before commencing the course to keep them sharp and help you make the transition to A Level as smoothly as possible. 

Please complete the questions from the worksheet which you can download below. Write up your solutions (showing all necessary working) on separate lined paper.  

 The worksheet contains some questions (and corresponding examples which might help) on:

  • Indices & Surds
  • Solving Equations/Inequalities
  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Lines
  • Quadratics

Digital resources

Below are some links to videos and websites that may prove useful in brushing up on some of the algebra concepts required for the summer worksheet. Exploring them is completely optional, but you may find them helpful if you get stuck!

Recommended course book

No textbook required at this point.

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