History - Crisis, Conflict ​& Communism summer work
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History - Crisis, Conflict ​and Communism summer work


The First World War had a seismic impact on Germany. The military, economic and political reverberations would shape Germany society and set the scene for much of what you will study in the Germany 1919-63 course.

The work

Your task is to learn about Germany’s First World War, the manner of their defeat and its consequences for their people & society. Follow the instructions on the power point to complete all tasks.

This is important preparations to your initial lessons on the reactions and political consequences of Germany’s defeat in 1918.

Digital resources

Below is a selection of digital resources that will help you to get prepared and ready to study A level History - Crisis, Conflict & Communism. 

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No requirement to purchase any textbooks, although students are welcome to do so should they wish to. Each unit is supported by a textbook issued to students and/or online access to books.

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