Waddesdon Manor’s Christmas art exhibit

Photography students were invited to the National Trust’s Learning Centre at Waddesdon Manor to have their work placed within their Christmas Exhibition.

Waddesdon Manor photography exhibition

About the event

Hills Road’s subject leader for Photography, Tuuli Parker, has been working with the National Trust’s Learning Centre at Waddesdon Manor, to help support them with their Christmas Exhibition. This year, the theme for the exhibit is based on ‘The Lights that Dance in the Night’ by Yuval Zommer.

Photography students were invited to take part in this festive event by creating a series of images inspired by the book using a process called Lumen printing. This involves the use of traditional photographic paper and exposing it to UV light, which makes the paper change colour. The image is then made permanent by fixing it in traditional darkroom chemicals.

The students embraced the photographic brief with enthusiasm and were very inventive and creative in their approach, producing some very successful images! Throughout this process, they used a variety of natural materials, including leaves, flowers and berries.

Their work has now been sent off to Waddesdon Manor and will form part of the exhibition alongside the work from other schools that took part! Congratulations to all of those who took part, this is a fantastic opportunity, and we cannot wait to see how the exhibition turns out!

It's really important in Photography for students to push their creative play, especially in such a digital world. This is where they make discoveries and learn to be accepting of the unexpected and where that might lead an idea. The students embraced the brief with enthusiasm, producing well researched, thoughtful and highly creative responses!

Tuuli Parker, Photography Course Leader