James and Amira succeed at the local heat for this year's Articulation Awards!

Congratulations to James Rayner and Amira Akanbi for taking part in this year’s Articulation Awards that took place at the University of East Anglia on 6 March.

Congratulations James and Amira!

Articulation challenges students to deliver a 10-minute presentation to an audience about a particular work of art, architecture or an artifact of their choice. Adjudicators then assess each presentation, in which they look at the content, structure, delivery and the speaker’s original approach and unique potential.

This year’s panel of adjudicators includes Jessie Burton, the author of The Miniaturist; Lewis Dalton Gilbert, an independent curator; Tony Heaton OBE, a sculptor and Chair of Shape Arts; Dr Laura Hopes, a lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Plymouth, Priyesh Mistry, an Associate Curator of Modern & Contemporary Projects at the National Gallery, and many more!

At Hills, James studies History of Art, Music Technology and Religious Studies and has recently gained a place to study History of Art at Cambridge.

James presented an in-depth analysis of Albrecht Durer’s ‘Knight, Death and the Devil’, where he explored the influences of humanism, religion and the natural world. James’s talk was so well received that he was recruited to give lectures at The National Gallery!

Amira studies Art History Rights, Race and Revolutions and Latin! She gave an impressive and highly original presentation in free verse! This was more of a performance piece than formal talk, which completely wowed the judges. Her sensitive and powerful examination of racism and identity through the work of textile artist Bisa Butler was certainly a sight to behold.

Amira’s work was awarded first place at the Articulation heat, which means that she will go on and compete in the grand Final which will take place later this month at The British Library.

Congratulations to James and Amira for all their hard work! This is an incredible achievement, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Last year, Sambor Puskas took Hills Road to the final, eventually taking second place with his insightful and humorous talk on Lev Rudnev's ‘Palace of Culture & Science’, 1952. Could this be the year we win it! Watch this space!