Student taking part in the gardening enrichment activity
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All students in Year 12 undertake Enrichment as part of their core programme and there are lots of activities to choose from.

Try something new

Skills and talents develop in different ways and they’re not always related to your A levels. It could be that you find a new interest or skill through Enrichment that you decide to turn into your EPQ. Enrichment aims to be fun and relaxing, to give you the chance to try a new experience or expand an existing interest, to explore new skills such as independence, creativity and resilience and to help you make new friends.

The benefits:

  • Recognised by employers
  • Develops transferable skills for your future such as resilience, communication, leadership and proactivity 
  • An opportunity to try something new, develop a hobby, meet new friends, have fun and relax
  • The chance to take part in two different Enrichments over the course of Year 12
  • College sports teams, DofE Gold and audtitioned music count as Enrichment too

Enrichment is a great opportunity to meet new people outside of your subject classes.


During Y12 I took part in two Enrichment plays; they were in completely different styles and were both amazing experiences


I think anyone who has even a tiny bit of interest in music should join College Choir


I joined the cheer team when it was an enrichment activity and watched it develop into the sports team it is today. I’ve been a cheer captain for a year now


Year 12: Terms 1 and 2

All Year 12s undertake approximately 20 hours of Enrichment. You will have the opportunity to choose from over 70 activities, groups and teams! Below are examples of the types of Enrichment we offer across the following categories: Active and competitive, Creative, Languages, Music and Thinking. Please note that the available activities may be subject to change each term.

Active and competitive

Students can take Gold DofE even if they haven't obtained certificates for the bronze or silver awards. Expeditions typically take place at the end of Y12.


Get ready to showcase your talents at our college's Christmas Musical! Whether you're passionate about acting, singing, playing in the orchestra, or working behind the scenes, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

You can get involved in productions such as productions like "The Addams Family" and "Made in Dagenham"!


Broaden your cultural horizons through French films from the 1950s to the current day. All films are sub-titled and suitable for French and non-French speakers alike. There will be opportunities to learn about France, its geography, history, culture and filmmaking as well as group discussions.


The orchestra is open to all players of woodwind, brass & percussion instruments, and consists of around 60 instrumentalists, performing a range of repertoire in the major Hills Road concerts.


You will learn about how modern popular culture was shaped by changes in society, the economy and technology. Topics will include everything from the foundation of football to the birth of rock and roll.

Year 12: Term 3

During their third term, students can get involved in diverse community projects across the College's campus and within the local community. This includes participating in Eco Week, which focuses on sustainability and environmental awareness, and engaging in Social Action Week, where students collaborate on impactful community service projects.

Eco Week

The HR4.5 Fun Run kicks off Eco Week, a week filled with activities to raise money for charities and encourage students to become more eco-aware and active in the community. Expert speakers deliver talks on environmental issues, and students host a charity shop fashion show, book swap, and many more initiatives. 

Social Action Week

All Year 12s get involved in Social Action Week - a week-long challenge to raise £40,0000 for charities. The fundraising event provides a strong opportunity for students to connect with a cause they eel passionate about and gives them the chance to make social action part of their learning experience at the College.

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