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Extended Project Qualification

What will you do for your EPQ?

A core part of your Year 12 programme is the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is taken by every Hills Road student.

The project offers you the chance to gain real independence, resilience and maturity as an Advanced level learner while pursuing any topic of your choosing. From staging a fashion show or designing a carbon-neutral house to researching ground-breaking cancer therapies or beginning the novel you’ve always wanted to write; the Extended Project presents a fantastic opportunity both to pursue your interests and to spread your wings.

Try something new

No matter where your interests lie, the Extended Project is the perfect opportunity to try something different and is at the heart of students’ study programmes at Hills Road. You decide the topic, you assess your progress and you determine what your final dissertation, artefact, performance or event will be!

Learn new skills

Taught in a university-style, through seminars and group tutorials, this qualification prepares you for both higher education and employment. Focusing on all of those crucial skills that you develop as you take a project through from drawing board to delivery, it allows you to carve out your unique pathway and follow your interests.

I wanted to combine my passion for medicine and art, by reading medical papers and getting to illustrate and print my own book. I love the idea of communicating complex ideas in an engaging and entertaining way!


I was very keen on looking deeper into where my family comes from and also more about the cultures I was brought up with, especially since quilting is a prevalent art form in both cultures.


I knew I wanted to do something creative for my Extended Project, so I liked how building a bike could incorporate some creative aspects, such as designing the paintwork.


Gain extra UCAS points and impress employers

The EPQ is well-regarded by universities and is equivalent to half an A level. The project provides evidence that the transition from college to university will be a smooth one for students who have successfully demonstrated their aptitude for independent learning.

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