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Code of conduct

Important information

The College is a caring learning community which respects the right of each individual student to have a safe, enjoyable and successful learning experience. All students are asked to abide by its code of conduct as part of their acceptance of a place at the College.

Failure to meet the expectations outlined in this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the following College policies:

  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedures for 16-19 Students including Right of Search
  • Progress Monitoring & Support

Code of Conduct

We expect you to:

  • Talk to others with respect and behave in an appropriate and courteous manner
  • Respect the specified use and layout of all areas within the College. This includes adhering to the rules on where eating and drinking can take place, which areas are for silent or quiet study, and not moving the furniture or equipment without permission
  • Move around the College in line with College signage and with minimum disruption to ongoing lessons
  • Not send any communication or images (via phones, IT or other means) which may cause distress to others
  • Behave in a courteous and honest way when using social media, always respecting the privacy and the feelings of others; and avoiding the use of names, contact details or images of other students or members of staff without their prior permission
  • Not chew gum or drop litter on the College site
  • Dress in a manner which is appropriate for an educational environment and do not wear clothing which is disrespectful or may make others feel uncomfortable. Examples may include but are not limited to clothing that is excessively revealing or displays profanities
  • Set mobile phones to silent in timetabled sessions, the Library, the Study Centre and other resource areas
  • Not smoke or vape anywhere on the College site, except in the designated area on Purbeck Road. The college site includes the Sports and Tennis Centre, the Luard Road playing fields and the area in front of the main gates on Hills Road.

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