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Bring your own digital devices

To enhance your access to digital learning, all students are required to bring a digital device to College to support their lessons and independent learning time.

The benefits of a digital learning approach

  • Aids skills development ready for higher education and employment
  • Increases the range of teaching, assessment and feedback options
  • Better organisation as cloud-based Microsoft software is used by teachers to distribute resources
  • Reduced environmental impact due to less paper and photocopying!
  • Fewer learning resources for students to bring to college everyday

Device requirements

There is no specific type of device required, providing your chosen option meets certain criteria. Many households may already own a device that will meet the needs of a Hills Road A level student. If you are buying a new device, suitable models start at around £120, with many Android touchscreen tablets offering the basic features needed across most subjects.

The most important functionality students need to have from their device is ‘digital inking.’ This is provided by tablet devices such as iPad and Android, and touchscreen laptops. It enables students to not only type work but also use the stylus, or digital pen, to write formulas and equations or sketch diagrams in a way that would not be possible on a keyboard-only device.

Digital inking provides the flexibility to engage with a variety of resources in a variety of subjects.

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