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Device guidance

Device guidance

There are many devices options available that will support your A level studies. You will find guidance on the best solutions for your learning as well as specifications.

Devices supporting A level subjects

There is no single device that is ideal for all subjects, as unique features may suit the learning better in different subjects.

The most important consideration is that your device supports ‘digital inking’ by being either a touchscreen tablet or laptop, or a laptop with a plug-in graphics tablet that you can use to digitally ink on to Microsoft resources.

The following options detail two different types of device you could choose from to support your learning.

Tablet devices that support digital inking

Android tablet

  • Tablet and case
  • Digital pen bundle
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Prices from approximately £159

Apple iPad

  • iPad and generic combined case with magnetic Bluetooth keyboard
  • Digital pen​
  • Prices from approximately £440

Affordable device package

There are several affordable Android tablet options on the market, and these will provide all the key functionality needed across most of our A Level subjects.

Please note that the example below is for illustrative purposes and is not a recommendation of particular models and retailers. We would encourage all households purchasing a device to shop around and research a range of options. 


ACER ACTAB1022 10" 32 GB Tablet, Tablet Starter Kit Bundle. £134.98 Currys March 2024

  • 10" touchscreen (for use alongside digital pen for note-taking). 9.5 hour battery life.
  • Front and rear facing cameras. Supports Office365 apps like Teams, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Bluetooth for connection to other devices including a wireless keyboard/ earphones.
  • 3.5mm audio jack for use with wired earphones.

MEKO Active Stylus. £8.99 Amazon March 2024

  • Compatible with all touchscreen devices. Spare nibs/tips included.

TECHGEAR Active Strike Pro Slim Bluetooth Wireless UK QWERTY Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad. £19.95 Amazon March 2024

  • Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows.
  • Built-in touchpad mouse.
  • Charging cable provided.
  • Up to 60 hour battery life. Not essential but may be useful.

Recommended devices

Prices taken from Currys website April 2022 and are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation of retailer or model. We would advise you to shop around and get advice on the most suitable device for your needs.

Windows 10/11

Works with 365 Office apps

Compatible with digital pens

Runs Adobe Creative Cloud

Runs complete Office 365 package

Prices from £499

(Requires additional keyboard and pen which are sold separately and not included in the £499.)

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