George Emms


George Emms is a Year 13 student who studies History Crisis, Conflict and Communism, Maths, French and German. In May 2023, George was ‘highly commended’ for his essay on the Hungarian Revolution.

History Student Success Story: George Emms ‘highly commended’ for his essay on the Hungarian Revolution

George Emms has been “highly commended” for his entry into The Foundation for the History of Totalitarianism’s School History Essay Prize 2022/2023.

Throughout his study of History at GCSE and A level, George was fascinated by totalitarian states. Although he hadn’t written for an essay competition before, he jumped at the chance to broaden his knowledge and enhance his personal statement for university applications.

The Foundation for the History of Totalitarianism is a nonprofit organisation established to provide information and education about the history of totalitarianism. George spent several months reading, planning and crafting his essay on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

He received his award, which was presented by His Excellency Ferenc Kumin, the Hungarian ambassador, at the Hungarian Embassy in London!

The awards ceremony was a brilliant experience, from the live music to getting to meet the Hungarian Ambassador!

George Emms

George showed a great deal of maturity to apply for the essay prize, dedication to research the Hungarian Uprising in his own time, and the skill to produce a thoughtful and insighful essay. Well done George!

James Parmenter, Head of History