Typical study programme


Studying at Hills Road

The College day runs from 9am to 4pm, and your study programme will comprise of subject lessons, meetings with your ​Progress & Support Tutor, independent learning periods and enrichment.

Year 12 ​study programme

For most students, the study programme will comprise of:
  • Three Advanced level+ courses (or four for some)*A
  • The Extended Project Qualification
  • Enrichment courses from the Extended Curriculum plus additional citizenship activities and other extension opportunities
  • Tutorial programme
  • Up to six independent learning periods

+ Double maths counts as one of three choices.
* The opportunity to consider four Advanced level subjects will be offered to students achieving a high admission score.

Year 13 ​study programme

For most students, the study programme will comprise of:
  • Three Advanced level courses (or four for some)
  • Conclusion of the Extended Project Qualification
  • Tutorial programme
  • Up to six independent learning periods.
In addition, some Year 13 students may choose to take an Enrichment ​activity.

"I have made so many new friends from different schools who share similar interests with me. Hills Road really develops you as a person; getting you ready for the world of work."

Kai Pawson

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

At the heart of our Extended Curriculum is the requirement for every student to develop and realise an advanced level project entirely of their own devising. Beginning in Year 12, the Extended Project offers the chance for students to gain real independence, resilience and maturity as an advanced level learner, while pursuing any topic of their choosing. Ths EPQ is equivalent to half an A level.

Enrichment and the extended curriculum

All students do at least one Enrichment course in Year 12. Some courses, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, are year-long courses. Others last for up to 12 weeks, and so there is an opportunity to do two courses in the year.

The extended curriculum is our term for all those elements of the Hills Road experience that happen alongside your core academic courses and that, together, combine to make your time here particularly memorable.

Tutorial programme

The relationship between an individual student and her/his Tutor is a vital element in a student’s experience at Hills Road. Students meet with their Tutor every week and additional time is set aside for individual support, careers guidance and other activities.

Independent learning periods

Each student has a designated number of independent learning periods each week. For Year 12 students, this would be up to six independent learning periods and, for Year 13, up to six. These periods can be used at the student’s discretion for study, research and extension work. Students are able to use the College’s ​silent ​study ​area, the Library and subject resource areas during these periods.

Clubs and ​societies

These are entirely optional. Many students choose to take part in societies ranging from Rock n’ Roll to Rock Climbing. We will encourage you to get involved in the rich variety of societies, clubs and teams at the College. In all of these, small communities develop with common goals or interests. The number of students here means that it is easy to find others with similar interests, from folk music to Japanese comics and ultimate Frisbee to absurd comedy. There are also larger community events such as the incredibly popular Hills Road 4.5km fun run – an event in which many students take part to raise money for local charities.

All of this helps to explain why Hills Road is such a friendly, welcoming and supportive community.

“I've had so many opportunities at Hills. I've been able to run Societies, write for the College newspaper and go on many trips. I have learned more than imagined about my subjects and all have given me transferable skills.”

Sophie Foster

The Hills Road ​study ​programme

The timetabled day runs from 9.00am – 4.00pm. Below is a typical Year 12 timetable.
Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1
Music  EPQ Mentor Session Govt. & Politics
Changeover 10:05-10:10
Period 2 10:10-11:15 Govt. & Politics Tutorial Time Ind. Learning English Language
Period 3 11:35-12:40 Music English Language Govt. & Politics Ind. Learning
Period 4 13:45-14:50 English Language Music Ind. Learning
Changeover 14:50-14:55
Period 5 14:55-16:00 Ind. Learning Govt. & Politics Enrichment Music English Language
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