Peter Bailey comes second in Oxford University Computing Challenge

Peter Bailey


Peter Bailey is a Y13 student who studies Computer Science, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. In July 2023, Peter received a prize from the Raspberry Pi Foundation for placing second in the Oxford University Computing Challenge. 

Peter Bailey comes second in Oxford University Computing Challenge

The Oxford University Computing Challenge is an invitation-based challenge for students in the UK. It aims to help talented computation thinkers develop their skills by asking them to solve a wide range of tasks with programmed solutions.

Invites are issued to people who achieve a requisite score in the UK Bebras competition. This computing challenge is organised in over 50 countries and has been designed to get students from around the world excited about computing.

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Peter Bailey

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Matthew Smalley, Head of Computer Science

How does it work?

Each participant is required to answer questions that focus on computational and logical thinking which is completed online while college is in session. Students must complete as many problems as they can in 40 minutes.  

Peter was presented with his trophy by Peter Millican of Oxford University. Peter Millican is a Professor of Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford, and a Gilbert Ryle Fellow.

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