Extended Project Qualification


What is the Extended Project Qualification?

We place great importance on building character, resilience and self-assurance and supporting students on the journey to becoming truly effective, independent learners so that they may leave College not only with high quality qualifications but also with the capability of learning successfully throughout their lives.

The Extended Project Qualification is the perfect platform to allow students to develop the skills and personal attributes that will make them more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations. It provides opportunities for them to work under their own initiative, to reflect on their own performance, and to plan and manage a large-scale project independently. Since this is an entirely free choice, students individualise their research to suit their interests, their progression intentions, their skill advancement, or a combination of all three. It is astonishing how far students can go when given the freedom to work on a topic of their own choice.

What does it involve?

The Extended Project gives you the freedom and time to explore an idea that interests you and it is an opportunity for you to pursue and research something you feel passionate about. It involves working independently to produce either a
  • Dissertation, investigation or report
  • Artefact or design
  • Performance, either solo or in a group
  • Charity event (group)
William made a skeleton of an Allosaurus Fragilis for his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). ‘Big Al’, as William fondly refers to it, is 27 feet long, 9 feet tall and weighs 420 kg. It took him over 500 hours to fabricate it from scrap metal and agricultural machinery parts which he sourced from around the farm where he lives and further afield.

"We worked as a pair, fundraising for The Guide Dogs for the Blind through two events: a charity concert held at a local church featuring Cambridge-based bands, and a Meet n' Greet in the College with guide dog puppies."

Amy Zhang & Flora McCorquodale

What can you do for your Extended Project?

The answer is anything! As long as it is:
  • Safe, practical, ethical and achievable
  • Not examined elsewhere

“I ran a mental health awareness scheme. My target was to raise £1,000 for mental health charities as well as raising a significant amount of awareness for Depression and Schizophrenia."

Annie Knowles

Why is this project important?

Taught in a university-style, through seminars and one-to-one tutorials, this qualification prepares you for both higher education and employment. Focusing on all of those crucial skills that you develop as you take a project through from drawing board to delivery, it allows you to carve out your unique pathway and follow your interests.

Why do 100% of Hills Road students take the qualification?

The EPQ is well-regarded by universities and is equivalent to half an A level. The project provides evidence that the transition from college to university will be a smooth one for students who have successfully demonstrated their aptitude for independent learning.
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