Mission statement


Our Mission Statement

The College aims to provide an education distinguished by opportunity, quality and achievement for all our students within a caring college community.

We value and encourage the involvement of parents in helping us to support students throughout their time at the College. While we expect students to accept responsibility for their own learning and academic progress, we recognise that a successful partnership with parents is vital to the success of our students and the College will liaise with parents accordingly, taking into account the needs of individual students.

To encourage your involvement we expect to provide:
  • An early opportunity for you to visit the College to meet your daughter’s/son’s tutor
  • Electronic communication information via the email address/es supplied during enrolment
  • Annual invitation to students’ progress review
  • Regular progress statements as part of student progress review via email
  • Prompt consultation with you if we need to discuss your daughter’s/son’s progress
  • Representation and the opportunity for involvement through the Association of Parents and Friends
  • Representation on the corporate governing body through the Parent Governor and Chair of the Association of Parents and Friends.
To help us, we ask you to:
  • Encourage your daughter or son to follow the Code of Conduct and expectations as outlined in their Student Planner.
  • Inform us if you become concerned about your daughter’s or son’s progress
  • Inform us of changes in personal circumstances (address/telephone number or domestic circumstances, etc.)
  • Contact us to inform us of an unplanned absence expected to last more than two days
  • Avoid any holidays in term-time
  • Respond promptly to College communications
  • Attend progress review consultations. 
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