The curriculum


The curriculum


Coursework refers to work that is completed independently and not under examination conditions; coursework marks contribute towards the final grade of the subject concerned. 

Departments ensure that students are aware at the beginning of each academic year of major coursework requirements, including dates, deadlines and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidelines.

Coursework must be the independent work of the student concerned. The College’s Plagiarism Policy explains the procedures to be followed in the event of suspected malpractice. 

Students must meet coursework deadlines. 


Introduction from the Policy Statement: Plagiarism occurs when a person uses other people’s thoughts, writing or creative work and presents them as his or her own, that is without clearly acknowledging the source of the information. It can take several forms, including: 
  • Directly copying another person’s work, for example from the internet, a book, another student’s assignment; the work may include text, statistics, figures, photographs, pictures, diagrams etc
  • Paraphrasing another person’s work
  • Cutting and pasting together sections of the work of others into a new whole
  • Receiving material help from other people while producing an assignment, without express permission or instruction from a teacher
Plagiarism is a serious breach of discipline and students are responsible for informing themselves about this policy.

The College will make students aware of this policy early in the student’s programme of study through drawing attention to the extracts in the student planner. 

Progression: key extracts from the Progression Policy

  • 16-19 students are enrolled at Hills Road to follow a full-time Advanced level Study Programme.
  • Our aim is to support progression to Year 13 on an appropriate Study Programme by offering guidance to all students before and after the publication of internal examination results in June of Year 12. This is to enable students to review their Year 13 Study Programme in the light of their results and progression plans.
  • Students have a right to continue on Year 13 courses provided they meet all the following criteria:
  • they have demonstrated satisfactory attendance, punctuality, effort and behaviour during
  • their first year at the College, including completing set tasks and assessments in each subject satisfactorily
  • they have gained a pass in the internal end of Y12 examinations in their linear A level subjects
  • they have the support of the relevant subject departments
  • If a student does not meet all the above criteria, the College reserves absolute discretion to decide whether or not a student may progress to the second year, taking into account all relevant circumstances.
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