Careers support


Careers support

A comprehensive programme covers higher education, gap year and employment options, and students will use a variety of resources and internet sites to research their options.

Making choices

An important part of our student guidance system involves helping students to make career choices. Help with this is available from College careers staff, tutors and subject staff. Students are advised to research career opportunities as soon as appropriate. A careers programme starts in the spring term of Year 12; by the end of Year 12, most students should have definite ideas of the options available and be researching particular higher education courses or employment routes in more detail.

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Request for your help!

Mock interviews for students applying to Higher Education and permanent employment straight after A levels.

Each year the Careers Department at the College organises a programme of mock interviews for Year 13 students applying for higher education and full time employment. This event adds to the College's other work on interview preparation, at present mainly a tutorial session, students' interview reports filed in the Careers Library, and advice in subject areas.

We use parents of current and ex-students as interviewers. Would you like to offer your help as an interviewer? It is not necessary for you to have experience of recruitment in industry or higher education interviewing.

We try to match up your field of work or experience with that of the students. With regard to interviews for higher education, many of the students are being interviewed for university places so it is important that subject specific questions are asked during the interviews. If you are uncertain about what type of questions to ask we will give you some advice and ideas based on our past student interview reports. Employment interviews will be matched where possible to your area of expertise.

We will send you the student’s personal statement or CV in advance of the interview.


The interviews are planned for the evenings of Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November 2019; Interviews for employment will take place in January 2020 and more information including dates will be sent at a later date. Each interviewer normally attends one of these evenings with three or four interviews carried out in a classroom in College. Each interview will last up to 30 minutes including time for giving feedback to the student. It would be helpful if you could comment on the student’s presentation, conviction and manner of answering.

Without the help of parents it will not be possible to realise this project. It would be nice to be able to offer an interview to all students who think they would benefit. If you feel you could offer your services as an interviewer (dates permitting), please email or follow this link to an online registration form. 

We shall get in touch with you during late September or October to discuss further details.
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