Three Hills musicians perform with the National Youth Orchestra

Y13 students Rosemary Ball and Rhianna Yung and Y12 student Rosie Scott have been successfully appointed to play with the National Youth Orchestra this year.

Congratulations Rhianna and Rosie!

Rosemary is the only saxophonist in this year’s orchestra. Rosie is the principal harpist and Rhianna played piano after auditioning for the orchestral keyboard section for the winter residency.

Rosemary, who is studying A level Music, Psychology and Philosophy, said “I started the saxophone when I was in Y7 and will be accepting my place to study the saxophone at the Royal College of Music next year.”

Rhianna, who went to Chesterton Community College before coming to Hills Road and is studying A level Chemistry, Double Maths and Physics said “I am currently pursuing a career in Medicine, but I also have an interest in teaching piano and accompanying other musicians. I already actively accompany people for their ABRSM exams up to Grade 7.”

The students are members of the Hills symphony orchestra and they’ve been busy rehearsing with other members of the orchestra for the upcoming concert at the University of Cambridge’s West Road concert hall on Wednesday 23 March at 7.30pm.

We are delighted that Rosemary, Rosie and Rhianna have had the ​opportunity to perform with NYO this year and thank them for the exceptional contribution they are making to Music at Hills Road

Kate Murdoch, Director of Music