Culture Fest wows once again!

Hills Road’s Culture Festival 2023 was a fantastic success, with an incredible range of activities, foods and performances from all around the world.

Culture Fest 2023

Lots of cultures from around the world!

The quad was filled with colour and excitement as students and staff gathered to celebrate a plethora of cultures. Many students could be seen wearing their culture’s traditional garments, flying their country’s flags, placing pins on our world map and even having a cheeky selfie with their friends.

The food was without a doubt a highlight for many. Students, societies, and even our very own canteen put on a mouthwatering feast. Afro-Caribbean, Argentinian, Azerbaijani, and Desi foods were all on show. There was even a Chili Challenge, where people could turn up the heat and test their skills.

Alongside these food stalls, many students set up a range of activities. Henna could be seen on numerous hands throughout the day, with those from the Desi society showing off their artistic skills. Others took part in cultural dress photoshoots or sat to read a range of interesting books from around the world.

As the afternoon progressed, performances from several students took center stage. Songs by Renne, Richa and Victora captivated the crowd until the rain began pouring onto the quad. Luckily, students and staff were able to gather in the Sports and Tennis Centre to dry off and continue with the festivities. A K-pop dance by both Y12s and Y13s followed, as well as a performance from Desi society, which got the crowd clapping and cheering with each impressive move.

We want to thank all the performers, stall-runners, staff, student council and attendees for making this event possible. This year’s Culture Festival was without a doubt a sight to behold. We can’t wait for next year!

Hills Road Culture Fest was a success! Despite the rain, we got music, dance and incredible food, thanks to all our students and societies that participated! Thank you to everyone that helped out, joined in and came along, we can’t wait to bring you more events soon!

William Patterson