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Anything Goes: Vocal audition guidance

Anything Goes Christmas Production

Do you love boats? Singing sailors? Dancing seagulls? Then this is the show for you.

About the production

Reno Sweeney, the glamorous nightclub star, is on board a swanky ocean liner, the S.S American, sailing from New York to England. She sips champagne, entertains the passengers and naturally falls in love with a Lord. On the run and stowing away with her are nearly-mastermind criminal and Public Enemy Number…13, Moonface Martin, and the love-struck Billy Crocker, who is just trying to get close to Hope Harcourt as she sails away with her fiancé, Lord Oakleigh.

Anything Goes is a gorgeously silly, all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza at sea featuring a complicated love triangle, outrageous disguises and a small yappy dog.

Audition requirements

We ask students to complete vocal auditions for roles with an extensive singing requirement, e.g. Reno and Billy. There are two parts to the audition, the second of which applies only to students who are shortlisted.

Part one: Submission of a short video audition by Midday on Friday 21 June 2024

Please refer to the guidance below on how to record and submit your video. Regardless of which character you would like to play, please record yourself performing either Anything Goes or You'd Be So Easy to Love. Try to learn your chosen song, but don’t worry if you only manage to prepare part of it.

Video vocal auditions are only required for roles with a significant amount of solo singing, and at this stage does not include members of the Chorus.

Part two: Shortlisted students to attend an informal rehearsal at the College on Saturday 6 July

Following video auditions, those shortlisted for lead roles will be required to attend an informal rehearsal at our Open Event with the emerging Anything Goes band. Students will be contacted about rehearsal times after shortlisting has taken place.

Choose your favourite song

There are two song options depending on which vocal part you would like to audition for. Please refer to the resources within each section.  

Both performances are free to listen to on Spotify. You will need to create a free account if you do not have one.

Anything Goes: Please record up to 2’15/bar 104

Video audition guidance

When recording your audition, please use the following guidance and instructions:

Using a backing track

  • You can record your piece with or without a backing track or piano accompaniment. 
  • You can adjust the speeds if you sing without a backing track.
  • If you use a backing track, this doesn't have to be audible on your recording; you can play it into headphones if you wish.

Recording your audition

  • Choose somewhere quiet, e.g. no television or radio on in the background.
  • Record in a landscape format, not portrait. If you’re recording on a mobile phone, ensure the long edge is at the bottom.
  • Make sure you are a reasonable distance from the phone or computer microphone to minimise distortion by playing too loudly or closely.
  • Ideal settings are high quality, up to 1080p HD. Please do not go up to 4K, as we will have to convert the file.
  • Please state your name clearly at the start of your recording and then briefly outline your experience by answering the questions below.
  • Do a test recording before submitting your video to check for sound quality.

Audition questions to answer at the start of your recording:

  1. What is your current school and which A level courses have you been offered to study at Hills Road?
  2. What is your voice type, e.g. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. Please state "high" or "low" if you are unsure.
  3. What vocal range is comfortable for you, e.g. G below middle, C up to 2 octaves higher.
  4. Do you have a vocal teacher? If yes, how long have you been having lessons?
  5. What vocal experience do you have? Examples could be school musical productions; school singing group; church choir, or singing exams.
  6. Are you interested in a role with a small amount of solo singing, or ready for a part with extensive solo singing?
  7. Is there any other information you would like us to know?

Submitting your video

Please name your file using the following format: 

Your Name and Anything Goes upper / lower vocal., E.g. Jo_Smith_Anything_Goes_lower_vocal and submit it via the link below.

The deadline for submitting your video audition is 12 Midday on Friday 21 June. 

Further information

If you have any questions about the vocal audition requirements, including the technical side, please email Mr Mark Davis, Senior Music Technician via the button below.