The Sixth Form Colleges Association reaffirms why Sixth Form Matters

The Sixth Form Colleges Association has recently published a new collection of case studies and thought pieces from experts around the world, titled Sixth Form Matters.

Sixth Form Matters

Sixth Form Matters

The book discusses why sixth form education is so important and the role that sixth form colleges play in shaping this country’s future.

At a time when the government’s 16-19 policies are focused on technical education and the skills agenda, it is important to draw attention to the pathway chosen by the majority of young people at the age of 16.

With every sixth form college judged good or outstanding by Ofsted, with a growing number of colleges playing an important role in system leadership and with colleges increasing their capacity to accommodate growing student populations, it is timely to recognise and celebrate what an excellent sixth form education looks like and to consider the issues of today and tomorrow.

Sixth Form Colleges Association

Hills Road believes that Sixth Form Matters too!

Members of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, including Hills Road’s Principal, Jo Trump, and Assistant Principals, Ali Kirman and Ian Pryer, headed to the House of Commons on 15 May to discuss why sixth forms matter to them. Ali Kirkman also presented Hills Road’s case study ‘Creating Active Citizens to Shape the Future’ on behalf of the Sixth Form Colleges Association.

Within this case study, Ali Kirkman discusses how sixth form education helps students prepare for the next stage of their lives. One important factor within this equation is “learning beyond the classroom”, in which Hills Road’s ‘Enrichment’ programme and student-led societies have played an active role. Ali goes on to explain the types of societies on offer at Hills Road, how they are set up, what students learn and the benefits that they provide.

The Sixth Form Colleges Association has played a vital role in communicating why sixth form colleges have been and always will be crucial centres for high-quality education. Their seminal work, Sixth Form Matters, has acutely expressed how sixth forms continue to innovate, fill in the skills gap and provide a wonderful experience for three-quarters of a million young people every year.

..In addition to our extensive Enrichment programme, we are proud to offer nearly 60 student-led societies to provide valuable leadership opportunities to students on a topic about which they are passionate. Although student-led societies started organically at the college, they are now fully embedded into our ‘curriculum map’ to promote active citizenship, inclusion and representation.”

Ali Kirkman, “Creating active citizens to shape the future”, Sixth Form Matters.