Students get ready for Spring!

Tuuli Parker's Y12 Gardening Enrichment students were out in the Tranquillity Garden to prepare Hills Road for the spring!

The Tranquillity Garden is maintained for spring!

Students enrolled in a Y12 Gardening Enrichment course have embraced the spirit of spring by planting a range of flowers and plants in the Tranquillity Garden, a space at the College designed for mindfulness and biodiversity.

This event was organised by Tuuli Parker, Course Leader of Photography, who led her team of budding students to help maintain and improve this fantastic space. This year’s key focus was to revitalise the pond so that fish could thrive in its waters. Students could be seen fishing out weeds, planting bulbs and enjoying themselves out in the fresh air.

During this 10-week course students have learned plenty of useful information and an array of practical skills. From learning what weather conditions plants need to whether they can thrive outdoors, students can take these valuable lessons into the real world and hone their green thumbs.

Well done everyone on all of your hard work! We can't wait to see how these flowers and garden developments bloom during this Spring and Summer!

This Enrichment is something quite different from my other subjects. It was great to do something that was both practical and outdoors!

Eli Curtin