Over £5,000 raised during Eco Week!

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in Eco Week this year! You raised over £5,000 which is an incredible achievement.

David King

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Eco Week kicked off with HR4.5 on Monday 22 April. Both students and staff had a fantastic time wearing their costumes, warming up in the Quad, and taking part in this fantastic annual competition!

The rest of the week was jam-packed with lots more activities, including a series of wonderful talks, stalls, and books to enjoy.

On Tuesday, Sir David King gave a lunchtime talk about the climate crisis. The event received an exceptional turnout, in which the hall was completely packed! The students were mesmerized by Sir David and asked so many questions that he had to politely decline some in fear of missing his next scheduled speech!

On Wednesday, students were treated to a bazaar of stalls! The Eco Fair saw students getting involved in arts and crafts, eating delicious homemade food, and buying eco-friendly products to raise money and awareness for environmental issues!

On Thursday, Duncan Jones, Commercial Manager at BioteCH4, was invited to talk about ‘Transforming Food Waste’. He eloquently explained how cooking oil is recycled to produce biofuels and nutrient-rich biofertilisers! In addition to this, there was a clothes swap in the Atrium, where students were able to find a new fit without having to give into fast fashion.

Throughout the week, the library did their bit by setting up a wonderful book stand for students to examine and find books on a range of environmental topics!

On Friday, the final Eco Week talk took place in the Science Lecture Theatre. Alison Chaves and Laura Allen from the Wildlife Trust came to discuss their local work and mission. They want to stop nature’s decline and are part of a national movement of Wildlife Trusts that endeavour to protect at least 30% of our land and sea to be connected and protected.

Each of these events was a fantastic success and an excellent way of raising money for some seriously important causes.

Tutor groups raised a total of £5,442 for various eco-charities! Congratulations to Laura Neild’s (Wed 4) tutor group who raised a whopping £355 for Projects in Palestine. They will receive a box of our very own café's goodies at their Future Ready session this week!

Well done to everyone on this fantastic charitable effort and series of events, it was certainly a week to remember!

David King Talk

Library and Stalls

It was really exciting this year and just jam-packed full of events and really felt like a themed week. For me personally, I think it really did help boost the importance of eco issues back to the forefront of my mind, and it was really enjoyable as well as being educational

Tansy Xue, student

What a wonderful event! My daughter who is in Y12 ran and said it was a wonderful occasion! She also brought home a medal and a map of the route.

TWI, Eco Week Sponsors