Four students join University of Cambridge’s Foundation Year

We are delighted to announce that all four Hills Road students who applied to the University of Cambridge’s Foundation Year in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have been offered a place on the programme.

Cambridge Foundation Year

Congratulations, this is a massive achievement!

Four out of the fifty places available were given to Hills Road students, which is a staggering achievement.

The course is a fully funded one-year foundation course and aims to act as a stepping-stone for students looking to complete a degree. This full-time residential programme provides study in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Congratulations Jessica, Michael, August and Josh for grabbing this fantastic opportunity with both hands! We wish the greatest success to you all moving forward.

After talking with each student, it was clear that all of them are incredibly excited for the next step in their academic progression.

We wish Jessica, Michael, August and Josh all the best moving forward. This is such an exciting opportunity, and we’re certain that you’ll all make the most of it!

During the pandemic, I had to restart the year. Hills Road helped me through this mentally and academically. If it wasn’t for my tutor Katie Paton, Study Skills, SILS, wellbeing and the support of my teachers I wouldn’t have finished my A levels. I’ll be honest, I was given more support and patience than I probably deserved. Even after I left, Lucie Drayton helped me pass the application process. I couldn’t have asked for a better sixth form and I owe the college a tremendous debt of gratitude for its support.