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Adult Education Tutors

We are delighted to have available such a knowledgeable, skilled and professional range of tutors, who teach such a wide variety of language, art, recreational and professional courses for the Adult Education department at Hills Road Sixth Form College.

We pride ourselves on giving tutors a chance to show what they can do, whether they have been tutoring for years or just started out on the road to teaching. With regular observations and responding to feedback gleaned from the student questionnaire, we ensure that tutors are the best they can be and remain so.


Language courses are taught by a selection of energetic and interesting native and non-native speakers, with qualifications and/or experience that enable them to teach effectively whilst making courses interesting and fun. Their personal insights into the country from which the language originates, adds an element of realism and context to the language taught.

Art & Design

Many of our Art and Design courses are run by individuals who supplement their teaching by running their own business selling the art, sculpture or photos they create. They can draw on this knowledge to give students a more rounded experience offering an insight into the business side of art as well as displaying and imparting the skills they have gained in their chosen medium.


Recreational tutors have a genuine enthusiasm for the courses they run, whether it be singing, dancing or writing to name a few. They enjoy building rapport with students and using the course as an opportunity for students to socialise with people interested in the same topics.

Professional Training including Counselling

The tutors that run the professional courses, comprising Counselling, GCSEs, AS/A2 levels and skills for employment or development, are well qualified, highly experienced or both. The accredited course tutors offer support and assistance throughout the qualifications and are backed up by the excellent examinations department at the College. The non-accredited courses tend to be run by highly proficient individuals who draw on their own experience to offer students an insight into how particular courses can aid their own development.

We are continually looking for talented individuals who would like to be added to our team of Adult Education tutors and we are happy to receive speculative applications. We are always keen to try new things and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has a new and interesting idea for a course that we can include in the Adult Education programme at Hills Road Sixth Form College.

If you would like to contact the Adult Education team please email or phone 01223 278002.
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