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Japanese for Beginners Summer School

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Japanese for Beginners Summer School

Summer school courses are designed for students who would like to study for two hours each day over the course of one week.

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    About the course

    The Japanese for Beginners Summer School course is an extended introduction to Japanese.  It is suitable for absolute beginners and for those who would like a refresher course.  No previous knowledge is assumed.   

    Summer school courses have a lively format, with a focus on speaking and listening and opportunities for pair work, group work and role-play activities. Students will be given pronunciation guidance and introduced to vocabulary and simple grammar that will help them communicate in certain contexts. There will also be an introduction to the Japanese writing system.

    Students will be able to continue their studies by enrolling for Japanese Beginners Level 1 in the autumn term.

    Making your application

    Please read the following guide on how to make an application to Hills Road. The process is different depending on your current school and whether it is listed on MyChoice16, the application platform.

    Important! Following the application closing date in January, ​your predicted grades cannot be changed unless your school has made a data error.

    If you attend a Cambridge Area Partnership (CAP) school, or your school is listed on MyChoice16, you must follow the application guidance given to you by your school.

    Your application will be made through the MyChoice16 website. Please do not create a new account if your school is listed on MyChoice16.

    The application deadline is 9 January 2024​.

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