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Introduction to Counselling

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Introduction to Counselling

The Introduction to Counselling course is an introductory course aimed at those who want to begin the process of improving their communication skills in their personal or working lives.

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    About the course

    The Introduction to Counselling course offers an insight into the nature of counselling activity for those considering entry into professional counselling training, which is offered at the College. This course is not designed as a counselling training in its own right but participants will increase their self-awareness and develop their ability as effective listeners through active participation and regular attendance. There is no formal assessment.

    This is a very practical course, providing an ideal opportunity to practise and enhance your listening skills and to develop your ability to understand and empathise with others more effectively and appropriately. It will also give you an opportunity to make connections between some basic theory, the use of some counselling skills and your own experiences through discussion, small group exercises, self-reflection and counselling skills practice.

    For students wishing to continue with their training, the College offers an opportunity to progress onto the Certificate in Counselling Skills & Theory course. 

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