Joe Kibble


Joe Kibble studies Film Studies, Music Technology and Photography. In 2024, he gained a place on the British Film Institute National Residential course.

Joe heads to BFI residential course!

Congratulations to Joe Kibble for gaining places on the British Film Institute National Residential course.

Here students learn how to use an incredible range of equipment, work alongside professionals in the film industry, and meet young adults who share their passion for cinema.

The course is split into two different components. The first part is an in-person residential where students learn a range of important skills and even make a film together, where they undertake different roles. The second element is comprised of an online weekend course. 

Joe will be a cinematographer on set! This is something Joe is very excited to get into as it will be a “great opportunity to network with other young people who have the same goals and learn from professionals how they got to where they are today.”

Well done! This is an incredible achievement. We hope you enjoy your time on this exciting residential course.

Congratulations to Joe on what is a terrific achievement. The national BFI residential course is highly sought after and prestigious. I’m sure he will have a fantastic time and contribute amazing ideas as acinematographer. Well done!

Tanya Jones, Head of English, Media and Film