James Huggins


James gained a place on the British Film Institute national residential course in his first year at Hills Road where he focused on enhancing his editing skills.

BFI residential course

In 2022, James got a place on the National BFI course, which is often regarded as one of the top film courses in the country. Unsurprisingly, it’s very hotly contested- with several hundred applications and only 66 places to give away!

During his time on this course, he would receive one-to-one tuition from industry professionals. This included support from Robin Sales, the editor of The Gruffalo and Johnny English franchise, who helped James become proficient with Avid, a piece of video editing software. Furthermore, the course provided free access to a range of cameras, audio equipment and software that are used in professional big-budget films!

This BFI course was a residential programme, which saw James away from his home for two weeks. He stayed in a hotel with other course members, who became a film crew, and all worked on a filming project together. Each student picked a specific skill to focus on throughout the film's production; James worked in post-production.

It honestly ended up being one of the best experiences of my life because of the long-standing friends I made and the fact I can now say I’ve had a film shown at the London Southbank.

James Huggins

It is a huge achievement to be accepted onto the National BFI course and that James was in year 1 makes his achievement even more impressive

Tanya Jones, Head of English, Media and Film Studies