Jacob Lowe


Jacob first attended the College’s LGBTQ+ Society at the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year. By March, Jacob, Meg Bennett and Matthew Adcock would be handed the keys to this society after a rigorous election.

Jacob Lowe leads LGBTQ+ Society

The LGBTQ+ Society meets every Thursday to discuss topics relating to the LGTBQ+ community, sexuality and gender identity. The presentations that are given are incredibly diverse, ranging from serious issues facing the LGBTQ+ community to more casual topics. Pokémon, Star Wars and Greek mythology have been in the spotlight! Other subjects, such as Trans Awareness Week, are often chosen to create exciting and informative events.

Jacob has led a variety of presentations, including one on the LGBTQ+ community within the UK Houses of Parliament, coming out to people and body image. He has also organised meetings within the society and promoted their events and talks through social media.

By dedicating himself to this society, Jacob has developed a wide range of skills and met new people! He has greatly enjoyed this experience and is looking forward to seeing who will take his place.

Well done on your fantastic dedication to the LGBT society and showing high commitment to Sociological ideas when running debates on gender & sexuality in a sensitive manner.

Sammi Efford, Sociology Course Leader

The LGBTQ+ Society is truly an amazing place for a lot of people to find somewhere where they can be themselves. I am truly honoured that not only I can contribute to this place, but I am one of the people who will help lead it into the future for the benefit of so many Hills Students.

Jacob Lowe