A Level


  • Course type

    Level 3

  • Awarding Body


  • Duration

    2 years

Introduction to Philosophy

What can we know? What is human consciousness? Philosophy deals with the big questions in life. Literally meaning ‘love of wisdom’, Philosophy seeks to answer the questions not tackled by other academic fields, including: Can we know anything for certain? What makes good actions good? Does everything have to have a cause? Can AI ever be conscious?

Entry requirements

  • Subject grades

    GCSE grade 6 in English Language or English Literature.

  • Required Admissions Score

    The indicative Minimum Entry Admissions Score for ​Philosophy is 58.

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About the Course

Philosophy A level will appeal to you if you enjoy thinking deeply, reading critically and expressing your ideas clearly in essays and discussion. Your opinions will be challenged in lively classroom discussion as you are led through the maze of philosophical puzzles.

A level Philosophy is an antidote to learning facts and figures: this subject requires you to think for yourself! The course is complementary to both arts and humanities, as well as Science A levels.

2023 Philosophy A level results


24% of our students achieved A* to A


58% of our students achieved A* to B 


100% of our students achieved A* to E

Course information

Students go on to study a wide variety of subjects at university, with many choosing Philosophy itself or PPE. Philosophy’s transferable skills will also benefit you in a broad range of fields including teaching, law, civil service, journalism and intelligence.

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Hear from our students

Probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire school life. The teachers are absolutely amazing and really take the time to help you whenever you’re struggling.

Simeon, Year 12 Student

Quick facts


117 year 12 and 13 students take Philosophy

4 hrs 20 mins

4 hours and 20 minutes of weekly in-class learning time

5 hrs

Students are expected to undertake 5 hours of homework for each subject, every week.