A Level

Further Maths

  • Course type

    Level 3

  • Awarding Body


  • Duration

    2 years

Introduction to Further Maths

Do you have a strong interest in pursuing Mathematical subjects beyond sixth form? Further Maths is a very demanding course and requires a strong GCSE profile, particularly in Maths and Science subjects. It is a course for those with a strong interest in pursuing Maths, Physics, Engineering or Economics beyond sixth form. A Level Further Maths can only be studied by students who are also studying A Level Maths.

Entry requirements

  • Subject grades

    GCSE grade 8 in Mathematics and grade 8 in all Sciences. Applicants must have studied a minimum of two Sciences.

  • Required Admissions Score

    The indicative Four A Level Programme Adjusted Admissions Score for ​Further Maths is 78.

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About the Course

Further Maths is for those with a significant interest in pursuing Maths beyond sixth form. Students studying Further Maths must also study Maths and two other subjects. You will cover the Maths course in one class, and Further Maths in a separate class, meaning you will have the equivalent of two subjects’ worth of teaching time. It can be extremely rewarding for you if you love studying Maths and are stimulated by the faster pace and greater depth.

Further Mathematics builds on the Pure Maths covered in A level Maths, whilst also branching out into new areas such as Matrices and Complex Numbers. You will also study Discrete Maths, as well as the option of Further Mechanics or Further Statistics.

How can you know whether you'll be suited to A level Further Maths?
You need to be exceptionally confident and skilled at algebraic manipulation and problem solving.
You may be surprised to hear that this is by no means just about your GCSE grade. Some students achieve a high grade in GCSE Maths by being strong in topics such as arithmetic and geometry, yet are weaker at algebra. Please bear this in mind when considering whether Further Maths is for you.

2023 Further Maths A level results


78% of our students achieved A* to A


94% of our students achieved A* to B 


100% of our students achieved A* to E on results day

Course information

If you really enjoy Maths and are wanting to study Maths at university or a subject with a lot of Maths content such as Engineering you should consider taking ​Further Maths.

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Hear from our students

I loved doing harder question in GCSE Maths and wanted more. Learning with other people who have the same passion for maths is fantastic.

Farbod, Year 12 student

It has been so interesting learning about how all of the different topics of Maths all link together. The teachers are really supportive and enthusiastic.

Rachel, Year 12 Student

Quick facts


208 year 12 and 13 students take Further Maths

4 hrs 20 mins

4 hours and 20 minutes of weekly in-class learning time

10 hrs

Students are expected to undertake 5 hours of homework for each subject, every week.