A Level

Drama and Theatre

  • Course type

    Level 3

  • Awarding Body


  • Duration

    2 years

Introduction to Drama and Theatre

​​“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out” Alfred Hitchcock. We examine what it is that makes good theatre work: the play, the story, the characters and language, the director’s interpretation, the complex work of the actors themselves, and the technical and design elements that make theatre so alive.​

Entry requirements

  • Subject grades: option a

    GCSE grade 6 in English Language or 6 in English Literature, and 6 in Drama if studied.

  • Subject grades: option b

    Applicants may complete a video audition, to find out more please click the button below.

  • Required Admissions Score

    The indicative Minimum Entry Admissions Score for Drama is 58.

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About the Course

Drama encompasses all of the human experience. As the world becomes more complex, our need to understand ourselves through the mirror of stage or screen becomes ever more urgent. Through Drama, you will develop intellectually, artistically and socially, as you explore ethical issues in a way designed both to entertain and to make your audience think, challenge and question.

In Drama, you will explore everything that goes into making great theatre, from text and performance to technical elements and design. You will study superb plays by brilliant playwrights and perform them alongside your own devised work. You will explore the work of the most influential directors of the modern age, supported by a dynamic programme of theatre trips and professional workshops.

2023 Drama and Theatre A level results


27% of our students achieved A* to A


79% of our students achieved A* to B 


100% of our students achieved A* to E 

Course information

Because you will see and make great work, form powerful bonds of trust with staff and fellow students, challenge yourself and form strong friendships.

Because great drama explores the very essence of what makes us who we are as humans; our sense of difference or shared values, of persecution or privilege. It provides a safe space to discover how we can overcome the challenges facing us by allowing us to experience the world through the eyes and ears of others.
Because the study of drama requires us to be psychologists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, scientists, politicians and artists.
Because at Hills Road the support and resources available are second to none

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Hear from our students

Support for students with so many performance opportunities has been incredible. Amazing trips and workshops have allowed me to grow so much as a person and performer, and I have made lifelong friends along the way.

Emma, Year 12 student

This course really makes you appreciate the genius, art and importance of drama. If you’re passionate about theatre, I’d highly recommend it!

Phoebe, Year 12 Student

Quick facts


107 year 12 and 13 students take Drama and Theatre

4 hrs 20 mins

4 hours and 20 minutes of weekly in-class learning time

5 hrs

Students are expected to undertake 5 hours of homework for each subject, every week.