A Level


  • Course type

    Level 3

  • Awarding Body

    OCR Specification A - H432

  • Duration

    2 years

Introduction to Chemistry

​Everything you see around you involves chemistry in some way! Chemistry is the study of the properties, composition, and structure of substances; how they interact, the transformations they undergo, and the energy changes that accompany these processes.

Entry requirements

  • Subject grades: option a

    GCSE grade 7 in Chemistry and 7 in Mathematics

  • Subject grades: option b

    GCSE grade 7 in both combined science GCSE's and 7 in Mathematics

  • Required Admissions Score

    The indicative ​​Higher Adjusted Admissions Score for Chemistry is 71.

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About the Course

Chemists provide many of the materials used in everyday life and search for solutions to improve healthcare and tackle future challenges. A deeper knowledge of this fascinating subject will give you a greater understanding of the world in which you live.

If you are interested in finding out about how the world around you works, and relish challenges such as recognising and explaining different patterns of behaviour, then you will enjoy Chemistry. Throughout the course, you will also carry out practical work to develop your skills and enhance your enjoyment and understanding.

2023 Chemistry A level results


63% of our students achieved A* to A


84% of our students achieved A* to B 


100% of our students achieved A* to E

Course information

  • You enjoy subjects which encourage both imagination and logical problem solving.
  • You want to study a subject that develops a range of skills that can be applied elsewhere, including expertise in practical work.
  • You are thinking of a career in any scientific discipline - Chemistry makes an important contribution in many fields.
  • You might be thinking of a vocation that requires A level Chemistry - such as Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Science, Dentistry or Pharmacy.
  • Most of all, you are interested in and enjoy Chemistry! Its applications affect us all in our daily lives. You will learn more about how new materials, such as modern drugs, are made.

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Hear from our students

Chemistry is amazing; the quality of teaching and support available makes it easy to learn and improve. My class and teachers have made Chemistry a brilliant experience.

Joe, Year 12 student

Quick facts


758 year 12 and 13 students take Chemistry

4 hrs 20 mins

4 hours and 20 minutes of weekly in-class learning time

5 hrs

Students are expected to undertake 5 hours of homework for each subject, every week.