Visiting the College


​Guidance for visiting the College

Please do not drive onto the College site if you are dropping off or collecting your daughter or son, as turning in the entrances to the site is a hazard to students and other pedestrians. Students may be picked up or set down in Purbeck Road, however waiting is not permitted as the road has to be kept clear for emergency access at all times.

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There is no parking for students on the College site (which includes Purbeck Road and the Sports Centre) nor on the streets surrounding the College which have become extremely congested in recent years.

Students are encouraged not to drive to College by car unless there are exceptional circumstances; in which case, they must complete a form which is available from the Student Services Team. The students will then be issued with a parking sticker for the car. Students are asked, when parking, to respect the rights of local residents and observe legal parking restrictions.

Generally, the use of private cars to carry students on College business is not allowed. However, there may be extenuating circumstances in which it is sensible to use a private car to carry fellow students, in which case the following rules apply:
  • Students who drive fellow students in their own car are responsible for ensuring their passengers’ safety, that their vehicle is roadworthy, that they have an appropriate licence and that insurance cover for carrying the students is in place.
  • The type of journeys envisaged include taking fellow students to sports fixtures or on educational visits. (Any casualties requiring hospital treatment should be taken to hospital by taxi or ambulance, not by private vehicle.)
  • If a student is to transport fellow students in their private vehicle they must complete and sign a certificate (available from the member of staff concerned who will download the form from the Staff Sharepoint site) before the journey can be undertaken.
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