Three Hills students in the national top 50 Computer Science A level results!

Congratulations to David, Euan and William for achieving incredible results in their Computer Science A level. They have managed to attain scores that have placed them in the top 50 students nationally within this AQA qualification.

Three Hills students working on their computers
Three Hills students working on their computers

What an achievement

In recognition of this brilliant performance, Netcraft, an internet services company, has reached out to our students to recognise their “outstanding achievement, hard work, and dedication.” Each student will be invited to one of Netcraft’s open evenings, where they will have the opportunity to network with other high-achieving Computer Science students and staff members within the company.

We can’t wait to hear from our students about this wonderful opportunity and learn what they got up to. Watch this space to find out more about this event and David, Euan and William’s achievements.

We are delighted for David, Euan, and William! For all three of them, this is a testament to their determination to make the most of their time and ability here at Hills Road. This is a fantastic start for the next stages of their studies, and we wish them all the very best for the future!

Matthew Smalley, Head of Computer Science

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