Students shine in Hills Road’s Art & Photography Show

This month, Hills Road’s art and photography students put on a show with their annual exhibition.

Art and Photography Exhibition 2023

Art wows students and staff!

There was an amazing range of work on view, including paintings, photography, sculpture, digital film, and much more!

After working incredibly hard throughout the academic year, students within the art department are allowed to select several pieces of their work to put on display. These works are then carefully curated and placed throughout the college’s main building.

Students didn’t just receive a rave review from their department’s Curriculum Director and Head of Department but from a plethora of other visitors who attended the exhibition. Those who attended were able to leave anonymous messages on an online bulletin board to provide feedback to the exhibition’s organisers. Here are just a few of the messages that were left.

"I just wanted to say how brilliant last night was - it was so busy, and the atmosphere was great! The calibre of work was so impressive, seriously gallery-worthy. I can only imagine how much work it is to pull everything together just after returning from the department trip to Amsterdam, so massive congratulations, you are all heroes!" - Theone Carter, Curriculum Director.

"It’s a great joy to present the work of this year's Art and Photography students. The work is a testimony to their commitment, drive and sheer hard work to achieve a standard that, in many cases, was above and beyond A Level. As is often the case, the two years represent a sense of maturity and reflection, coupled with a genuine investigation into the issues that matter most, When I look at these images, I get a greater sense of what it is that makes us human. Congratulations Year 13!" - Tim Winn, Head of Art & Desgin.

Congratulations to all of those who placed their work on display! Your hard efforts across this academic year have not gone unnoticed. Seeing such an array of ideas and techniques on display was fantastic. We cannot wait to see more of your work!

So much talent on display! Well done everyone! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, It’s very evident in this inspiring exhibition! Well worth a wander through!


Photography Show: Great to see the variety of students’ work and how they have confidently explored sequencing in their books.


Amazing show last night: Really beautiful and astute handling of different painting techniques; introspective, touching!