Performing Arts Round-up

There have been a plethora of performances occurring throughout this term!

PA Round-up

There's certainly been a lot of drama in the department!

Our Year 13 devisers have created nine challenging original plays tackling important social issues. Mutatis Mutandis tackled racism in America in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, while the brilliant Night Shift saw intrepid explorers from Rapanui on a mission to rescue their stone statue.

Congratulations to the brilliantly talented cast and crew of Cymbeline for a spectacular production of one of Shakespeare's craziest plots. Ranging from Roman Britain to Wales and Italy, complete with accents to boot, this was a joyful romp through love, loss, disguise, betrayal, death and revenge. Well done to everyone involved for the sass and the pizzazz. Shakespeare as you don't often experience it: brilliantly irreverent and genuinely funny, directed and staged

Jo Trump, Principal

I cannot believe how our student musician (Ben Frere) has composed such a brilliant original score for this fantastic show. Along with an uber-talented cast and fabulous live band they have created a wonderfully raucous evening, where they have conjured up a murky dockland world full of gangsters, pimps and charlatans, mercilessly satirising the hypocrisy of a society that preys on the kind and the good. We had so much fun with sumptuous song, daffy dance, potty puppets, and a surprising amount of pilchards!

Richard Fredman, Head of Performing Arts