Hills’ Department Head creates fantastic Jesus Green Lido centenary film

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Jesus Green Lido in Cambridge.

Jesus Green Lido

Tanya Jones makes a documentary!

In celebration of this occasion, Tanya Jones, who heads the English, Media and Film department at Hills Road, decided to make a film about the wonderful community at this very special place, over a year.

Several Hills students (Eliza Buchanan, James Huggins, Ryan Murphy and James Voss), who are all studying A level Film and Media, helped Tanya with the final edit of the film, which paints an incredible picture of the variety of characters that spend their time at the pool.

Throughout making the film, Tanya interviews a plethora of people, including casual attendees, die-hard devotees, triathletes and staff members. While all these people are different, they are united by their love of swimming and this historical site.

Well done to Tanya and the Hills Road students who worked on this brilliant project. The film has provided an excellent insight into this space and the kind, caring and quirky community that made it part of their daily lives.

Here’s to a centenary of the Jesus Green Lido, and we hope that there is another 100 years more

In the film, I wanted to tell the story of what the lido means to its community, and to give a sense of what a beautiful and inclusive a place it is.

Tanya Jones, Head of English, Media and Film.

What a way to clear out the system and start the day. I got into swimming about a year ago and the feeling of getting that fresh after feeling of having done some exercise, out in the open air, and a real feeling of what is going on in your body is just absolutely amazing.

Jesus Green Lido attendee

I’ve been coming down to the Lido since we moved to Cambridge in 2014. I’ve especially enjoyed swimming right through the winter as we’ve had the last couple of years, but this is the time of year (Summer) when it really comes to life. It’s warm, it’s sunny and whenever we step through the gates, we always feel like we’ve just instantly transported ourselves on holiday.

Another Jesus Green Lido attendee