Ex-Hills student has BBC podcast

Ex-Hills Road student Molly Smith has created a BBC podcast exploring disordered eating.

The Weigh Up

Well done Molly!

Ex-Hills Road student Molly Smith has created a BBC podcast exploring disordered eating. ‘The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries’ delves into Molly’s personal journey through life since she was diagnosed with anorexia at 14 and is currently streaming on the BBC Sounds website.

Molly, who is from Ely and is currently studying at York University, won the Rachel Bland New Podcast Award in 2022 and was given the opportunity to develop a nine-part series with the BBC. This incredible achievement has taken Molly on a journey that has enabled her to create a podcast she hopes will help others who are struggling with any kind of disordered eating or mental health challenges.

The podcast takes a deep dive into the psychological side of disordered eating and seeks to destigmatise the illness by giving listeners access to Molly’s personal insights through interviews with friends and family, as well as in-depth conversations on everything from binge eating to social media.

To listen to the podcast and read more about this incredible achievement on the BBC news website.

The one thing that stands out the most is the invaluable pastoral support I received from my tutor and class teachers. I had an incredible Tutor and Head of Year, Katie, who devoted so much time to making sure that my time at Hills was positive and gave me so much support, even when I didn’t think I needed it! Being part of a sixth form that truly cares about individuals’ welfare whilst also encouraging independence and success is something that I will always cherish. Hills Road opened so many opportunities for me. I’m so thankful for the skills Hills taught me and it's set many of the foundations I now use within my work at the BBC and university.

Molly Smith