College closure procedures

College closure procedures

A decision regarding any closure of the College for the day ahead (for example, because of severe weather) will be announced no later than 7.30am, and earlier if information regarding, for example, weather and traffic conditions make this possible.

Where the weather has been bad overnight but is clearing, the College may be open, but if you feel you would be put at unnecessary risk if you were to travel because of unfavourable conditions, then the College would understand your decision not to do so. This may be the case if you live in outlying rural areas. It would be helpful if you could let the College reception know should you find yourself in this situation. Where you have delayed the start of your journey to listen to/access announcements that appear from 7.30 am (or earlier when possible) and subsequently decide to travel it is understood that you may not reach College for the start of period one.

Depending on the weather conditions, the College may delay its opening, for example, to the start of Period two.

Information relating to evening Adult Education classes will appear by 1.00 pm on the day.

Closure announcements will be made via local radio stations, the College telephone message system, the College's Facebook and Twitter pages, by email to students and on the homepage of the College website. 

Please remember to keep refreshing the webpage to update the information.