Graphic Design - Beginners

Graphic Design - Beginners

Graphic Design is the process of choosing, organising and combining words, images and space into a form that communicates and influences its audience. This short beginners course will show you how to transfer your ideas into digital documents ready for print and/or web. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to gain an insight into commercial graphic design whilst learning design principles and practical skills enabling them to produce industry standard artwork. It would also be suitable for small business owners who wish to learn how to create their own marketing material. Whilst previous experience in Adobe Photoshop and/or InDesign is not necessary, it is essential that you have basic computer skills. Students are encouraged to bring to class their own high resolution (300dpi) digital images in order to practice their image editing skills, however your tutor will be supplying lots of generic images to practice on should you not have any of your own. You will find it useful to bring along a memory stick to save your work together with note taking materials and a sketch book. As part of the course, and to enhance your learning, you will be advised to view web based training sites, which you will access in your own time.  

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have learnt the basics of: ·how to define, understand and interpret what is ‘graphic design’ and the role of a graphic designer. ·how to generate and produce ideas. ·how to use Pinterest to create an online collection of resources or a digital ‘mood board. ·the basics of design elements and principles. Elements: Shape, form and texture. Principles: composition, space, size, balance, contrast and hierarchy. ·the basics of typography; the anatomy of type, classification and styles. how to identify typefaces. ·how to use colour as a design tool including the study of the international Pantone colour system used in commercial printing. ·Examine a successful logo through case studies. ·how to edit and manipulate a digital photo in Adobe Photoshop. ·how to edit artwork combining image and text in Adobe InDesign. Including the production of multi page documents using style sheets and master page templates. ·the appropriateness of file formats: canvas size vs. file size, RGB vs. CMYK, JPEG/PNG/TIFF/EPS, high or low resolution. Bitmap vs. Vectors. · how to produce a business card ready for print exploring the print buying process; examining the appropriateness of paper gsm selection, print finish and the production of print ready .pdf artwork files. · how to ‘package’ your artwork for archiving purposes. · how to produce visual content for social media and websites at the correct dimension and resolution.   NOTE: Whilst this course covers the basics of design principles which can be applied to many creative disciplines, there is no scope to cover web design, infographics or the use of Adobe Illustrator, which is used in the production of vector graphics.  

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