Art History

Modernism   In this course we shall study one of the greatest of all artistic styles, Modernism. Inspired by the extraordinary technological developments of the turn of the century, changes that were transforming every area of life, it was based on a conscious rejection of tradition and a determination to create new, more suitable, ways of representing the world. It flourished in Europe and the USA in the first half of the 20th c., the age of the two World Wars and their aftermaths -the Cold War- or preliminaries, the Spanish Civil War, and a time in which people of many different persuasions - and in many different ways - set out to create a better world, a Utopia, for mankind. We shall examine the work of the iconic artists, of people like Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali and Otto Dix, and we shall be covering all the man movements, from Fauvism to Pop Art. We shall be exploring Modern architecture and sculpture as well as painting. But special attention will be paid to the story of British art during these years, of how British artists both participated in and rejected Modernism, and to the remarkable contribution women made at this time. I am thinking of Kathe Kollwitz, the great German Expressionist, Frida Kahlo, the Mexican Surrealist, and the Pop artist, Pauline Boty. This is a style of big personalities, extraordinary inventiveness and wonderfully arresting art. Come along and get to grips with the exciting world of Modernism! Later on in the year we shall do something completely different, namely, a course on various great artistic centres through the ages. Included will be London and Paris, of course, but also Berlin, Barcelona and Rome. Hopefully This will inspire you to take a holiday! Optional, Saturday, jaunt to places of interest may be organised  

Learning Outcomes

This course will give you the opportunity to:   ·Learn to analyse architecture, sculpture and paintings ·Discover lots about various key artists and their works ·Understand a crucial period of World History ·Discover some great artistic centres in Europe  

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Dr Chris Welander studied History at Oxford University and has a postgraduate degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art. He is currently teaching History at Hills Road Sixth Form College.


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